What Should One Expect From iPhone 5 ?

Rumor mills aren’t exactly the most foolproof source of extracting information. However, they sure as hell whet your appetite about whatever you’ve been scouting. Even so, when your intended target is to dig out information from the realm of the iFrontier, the aforementioned mills can blow the lid off the roof of expectations. Now, with the hype surrounding the latest iPad release, beginning to go down a few notches, all eyes – from teens lusting after the latest iPhone launch to anxious fathers calculating the potential dent to their savings account – are firmly on the launch of the iPhone5.

Bigger is the new better

If the rumors are anything to go by, and they usually are when leading publications like Washington Post and Chicago Tribune expound them, the iPhone 5 will feature a 4.6-inch screen – a 31% jump from the previous 3.5-inch display. The move is being touted as Apple’s proverbial hand gesture towards its competitors who have all been going for “monstrous” screen sizes.

More pixels

The move towards a ‘gigantic’ screen – by iPhone standards – might be hogging the headlines but as a result Apple would have to modify the pixels in accordance with the new screen. The previous 960 x 640 would fall short by a good many numbers to satisfy the requirements of the 4.6-inch display and hence, it is inevitable that the new iPhone would feature significantly more pixels. The need for new pixels has been clarified by John Gruber on his blog Daring Fireball.

Nano SIM card

While the larger display has been the most exciting of the potential changes in the next iPhone, Apple has gone down the other end of the size spectrum with the SIM size. The talk of an integrated SIM has long been churned by the rumor mill, and with the integrated SIM option one can buy the mobile from Apple and ask them for your preferred carrier.

Retina display

Along the iPad lines, iPhone 5 is set to have an amazingly sharp ‘retina’ display as quoted by the Maeil Business Newspaper of South Korea, who in turn have cited an unnamed “industry source”. This might help tone down the skepticism regarding the screen size, with quite a few posing the “if ain’t broke why fix it?” question.

Quad-core processor

It is expected that the current dual-core chip in the iPhone 4S would be replaced by a quad-core processor. This move has a flipside as well since Apple has a drain issue with its phones and the quad-core processor – despite providing more kick to the new phone – would also need significantly more battery power.

iOS 6

After Siri and iCloud proved to be blockbuster successes from iPhone 4S, Apple looks all set to go down the same lane and come up with another software for the latest launch. Hence, following iOS 5.1, iPhone 5 could potentially have iOS 6 to pep up the latest launch.

No storage jump

Despite the multitude of upgrades, the jump of the storage capacity – from the current 64 GB to the forecasted 128 GB – doesn’t seem like happening this time round. But then gain there’s always next time…

Every move has its supporters and also its skeptics. Nonetheless, the general consensus is that if Apple manages to incorporate the new features, the company might just end up redefining the term that it scribed last year: technological marvel.

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Top 5 Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the traffic that comes to your blog through various organic sources like Google Search, Yahoo Search, Bing Search etc. Organic traffic is really hard to collect but once you develop a site with constant high-quality organic traffic then I am sure you will be huge in no time. Lust for organic traffic should never be cooled down because the more you get it the better your blog becomes. You have no control over organic traffic, they come by their choice and leave by their choice but there are a few things which you can do to retain them for longer time and that’s what we will be discussing. Here we have compiled up the list of Top 5 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic. The tips mentioned in this post can be completely relied upon; none of them have any kind of side effects until you start overdoing it.

1.On-Page SEO

The most important and the most basic thing which you should to increase your site’s Organic traffic is that you should start following up some on-page SEO tips. On-Page SEO means the SEO techniques which you perform on your own site/page, not on someone else’s website. Using various heading tags, meta tags, description, good quality internal/external links etc. are counted under good on-page SEO techniques.

2.Off-Page SEO

The total inverse of on-page SEO but this too can help you a lot. Off-Page SEO tips are the ones which you perform on sites which do not belong to you. Social Media Optimization, Social Bookmarking, Link Building etc are considered good off-page SEO tips. Off-Page SEO generally increases your pagerank, and thereby it increases your rankings.

3.Keyword Research

Keyword research too is an important factor which is snubbed by every blogger. Only a few bloggers perform keyword research and almost of them are the successful ones. Keyword researching is basically searching appropriate keywords for your article.

4.Regular Updating

Google crawlers crawl your site almost every week, so it’s a good idea to serve them with some new articles every week. Your posting frequency should be around 5 posts a week, excluding the guest posts. Always update your site with articles that belong to your site’s niche.


Linking is counted under SEO but it itself is a huge topic to discuss. I suggest you to maintain a linking chain which is simple, because Google doesn’t want a “tangled” kind of linking chain. Linking is beneficial in lot of other ways too. Link back to your site’s old but yet related articles.

Author’s Bio : This article is written by Arjun. Arjun provides SMO Services and Social Media Services.

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Top 10 Call Blocking Apps in Android Smartphones

In today’s world, we are always connected. With our cell phones that are always with us, almost anyone can get in touch with us by phone, SMS, email, instant messenger and more at any time.

Sometimes, however, you may not want to talk to anyone, and then you can simply turn your phone off or switch it to airplane mode to go off the grid. Other times, however, there are just certain people you don’t want to talk to, and there are call blocking apps for that.

There are a lot of call blocking apps out there, but some are better than others. The following are the top 10 call blocking apps in Android, and this should help you find the right one to regain your privacy.

1.) Mr. Number. This application has gotten a ton of great reviews. Mr. Number is a call manager, letting you text and call through the app, but it also lets you block certain callers or everyone depending on your mood. A feature rich app, many would say this call blocker is your best bet.

2.) Call Blocker by NQ Mobile. This application seems to offer you the most in privacy of almost any app out there. Beyond blocking unwanted calls, it also helps protect against spam emails and allows you to quickly and easily erase data from your phone such as call or text message history.

3.) Call Control – Call Blocker. This Android app is free, and it has nearly a five star review from the Google Play Store. It is a feature rich call blocker that also lets you block text messages, and it automatically blocks telemarketers that are known to ignore the FCC’s Do Not Call list.

4.) Extreme Call Blocker Droid. This paid app comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied, which means that the app makers are pretty confident in their highly-rated call blocker. A highly customizable application, you can not only select which calls or texts are blocked, you can also choose how they are handled. Plus, this app boasts calendar and timer scheduling for when you want to have calls blocked.

5.) Call & Message Blocker. This Android app consistently receives four stars from users. Not a perfect application, this is a feature rich and fully functional call and message blocker that does its best to keep unwanted callers away, including several voicemail options.

6.) Blacklist Pro. This is another Android call blocker that is all about privacy. Beyond being sure to keep those people who you don’t want to talk to away, it has many features that help to protect your privacy. You can keep this app hidden away from the launcher so that no one who sees your phone knows that you may be trying to avoid them and their calls.

7.) Blacklist. Blacklist is the free version of Blacklist Pro. It is not as feature-rich, but it still gets the job done well if you are seeking out a competent call blocker.

8.) Root Call Blocker. This is a pretty straight forward application; it isn’t full of features because it gets right to the point. It is an effective call and SMS blocker, and it can even send a text to those who are rejected, making sure that they get the point too.

9.) Call Blocker Gold. This is a free application that is just dripping with features that many of the paid applications don’t even have. The community-shared blacklist to stop spammers, scammers, and telemarketers may be the best part.

10.) Phone Call Blocker by Embware. This is another free app that gets right to the point. If you are looking for a call blocker that offers some privacy features like password protection without having to look at ads, this is the app for you.

Author: This article is written by Kevin Moor, who also writes for spywaretoolshed.com, a website featuring interesting and informative reviews on spyware doctor

Top 8 Apps You Should Have On Your Apple iPad

The iPad is a very sophisticated gadget, and one I think everybody should have.

If you have an iPad app, good for you…because this post will be sharing 8 apps you need to have installed on your iPad. If you don’t, keep reading. I’m sure the apps I’ll be sharing below will make you want to have your own iPad.

1. Crackle

Size: 8.6 MB
Cost: Free

Do you want access to the best movies and TV series on your iPad, all for free with access just to the internet?

With Crackle you can get access to countless movies and TV shows from the comfort of your iPad, without having to pay a fee. You can also have access to on-demand movies, without having to pay a cent unlike with Netflix or Hulu.

2. Instapaper

Size: 11.1 MB
Cost: $4.99

Ever tried to read an article on your favorite blog or news site only to be bombarded with ads? Ever came across a very long article when you have limited time? Does an article fascinate you and you want to save it for your “reading time”?

You don’t need to look further. Instapaper is the app you need; it makes it easy to read content on your favorite sites for free without the clutter.  This apps makes reading on your iPad easy, and it allows you to store up to 500 articles on your iPad for later reading (not that you will need to store that much articles).

It only costs $4.99, but I think it can be of great value if you can maximize its use.

3. iPhoto

Size: 104 MB
Cost: $4.99

This app brings viewing and organizing your photos on your iPad to a whole new level. Viewing or editing your photos is as simple as tapping a button, it you can also customize your photos with frames.

The iPhoto app also has a feature that allows you to compare images side-by-side to determine which one is your favorite, and it is one of the very few iPad apps I’ll recommend everyone should install.

4. Kindle

Size: 18.3 MB
Cost: Free

We all know how powerful the Kindle is; you’re probably rocking it already if you own a Kindle, and you’d have heard a lot of great things about the Kindle if you don’t already own it.

This app brings the Kindle experience right into your iPad, and you no longer have to worry about buying the Kindle if you haven’t already.

The Kindle App for iPad also gives you access to over 800 magazines available to only Kindle fire users. It also gives you access to an instant dictionary with over 250,000 words, which means you don’t have to worry about installing another app just to have a dictionary on your iPad.

5. Adobe Ideas

Size: 3.4 MB

If you’re an artist who wants to use the iPad to express your talents, Adobe Ideas is a must have app.

It is just like paint for Microsoft, but a more sophisticated version. You can sketch design concepts in the café, in the school, or anywhere from your iPad.

6. Wikipedia Mobile

Size: 2.3 MB
Cost: Free

Wikipedia is one of the biggest websites online, and the most sophisticated free encyclopedia available. If you want to find out more about your favorite actor, your favorite movie, or your favorite day in history, Wikipedia is what you need…and this app brings it right directly to your iPad.
The Wikipedia Mobile app for iPad also makes it easy for you to read Wikipedia entries in more than one language, while at the same time giving you the ability to share your favorite entry on Facebook or Twitter.

7. iBooks

Size: 42.4 MB
Cost: Free

iBooks brings reading in a whole new level to your iPad.
With hundreds of thousands of books, iBooks is a digital bookstore for the iPad. It makes it easy to download ebooks and PDFs and also read them at your comfort.

8. World Customs and Cultures

Size: 1.9 MB
Cost: Free

If you’re looking to travel the world, this app is what you need.

Even if you don’t want to travel the world, but want solution to international questions and assignments, you might also need this app. It brings the world history right into your iPad, and you can find answers to various questions that bother you about culture and customs in various parts of the world.

Hope you have enjoyed the list. Share this article with your friends on social networking sites and let others know about this list. If you feel that anything has left in the list, do let us know by commenting below.

Author: The app is free, and it gives insights into communication preference in various countries, as well as taboos and law and order. John writes for Fast Forward Academy, he can also help you discover the best exam cpa.

How To Double Increase Your Adsense Earning By Proper Ad Placement ?

For Google Adsense Earnings, Ad placement is very important. You have to place your ad in right area to get clicks. Every part of your Blog is not same for placing Advertisement. Some parts are more profitable and suitable than others. In this post, I am about to say some useful information of those Ad Placement and of course these are all from my personal experience.

First let’s classify our blog area into some parts.

  1. Banner
  2. Post
  3. Just Above post
  4. Below  post
  5. Sidebar

You can place ads in these area and generally people place ads in these areas.


Here Banner is on top. Almost every blogger try to place ads in this area. 728×90 size ad is very much suitable for this area.

As every blogger use this area for banner ad so it’s really hard to get click here. There is a term in internet or adsense world as “AD BLINDNESS”. For this Ad blindness visitors generally don’t see your ad in Banner. So you will not get healthy amount of click in Banner zones Ad.

In post:

You can use Google ad in your post. In the middle or starting. Good amount of click here because Google will show relevant ads for you. So it’s very high chances to get click in “in posts Ads”.

Just Above the posts:

One of the best area for Ad placement. Ads of  300×250 is best for this area. If you place ads in this area surely your adsense earning will increase. This area is most eye catching area. Your Ad will get visitors attention easily.

Below the post:

If you get many comments from visitors then below post or comment box ad is good for you. Otherwise not. 234*60 size Ad is good for this area. Also you can use link ad here.


Good ad size for sidebar is 336×280, 250×250 and 160×600, 120×600

Most of the bloggers use sidebars for Ads. So here is also some chances of ad blindness. It’s better to use Affiliate banners or contact Ad in this area.

Bonus Tip : For high earnings, keep doing research on your Ad Placements by placing in various area, together with, try changing blend and suitable colors frequently. Have a safe experiment and good luck with your AdSense Earnigns.

I hope that the above tutorial would help you to experiment/analyze more with Google AdSense to earn more. Have a safe play with AdSense !

Author bio:  Hamlet Himu is a Blogger and Social media analyzer and the founder of Flowingevents. He is currently Blogging about Social media Tips, Blogging and Self improvement at Flowingevents.com

Know The Reasons Why Bloggers Should Use Windows Live Writer

Summary: The Windows Live Writer is all craze among the bloggers nowadays. Featured with a number of benefits, the program is widely popular and admired.

Windows live writer serves to be the best app for the bloggers these days. It is the Windows desktop program that can be downloaded without paying a single penny and can be easily installed on your system thereby enjoying easy sync with the blog platforms and create posts both online and offline.

What is Windows Live Writer all about?

The application or program supports various blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Type Pad and a lot more. One of the attractive uses of this writer is the fact that one can work offline using this as well. You can thus write posts on topics and save them as drafts and so can edit the content as and when required.

Easy backup

You get immediate backup from this app as well. Everyone fears the problem of getting hacked or data getting lost due to some mishap. The mere fear of losing data and blog posts simply gives shivers to all. But when you make the posts from Windows Live Writer, you can save them in your system’s hard disk and so safeguard them against loss or mishap.

Save while on the go

The Live Writer easily syncs with the theme of your blog there allowing the blogger to create the posts and instantly preview them in same format as they will be there on the blog as soon as they are posted or published. This simply means that in case you have some special styling for the titles, headers or font, Live Writer can help you pull them in. so, this way, you can see the blog post as  it will be there on the blog even if you are working on it offline.

Easy uploading of images

 Uploading the videos and pictures is also easy on the Windows Live Writer. You do not have to upload them using FTP manager or copy the address to get the images or videos installed. All you need to do is to just include file in blogging client and then enjoy uploading of the stuff automatically. Also, as soon as you click on the publish button, all the images are uploaded at once to the media library as well as the thumbnails.

Simple editing

 With this program, you even enjoy offline editing option. As it may not be possible for you to stay online all 24*7, you can simply write the post when an idea strikes your mind even in the offline mode and edit it as required. You can easily write on this and perform the editing or formatting task and then press the post or publish button to enjoy simple and easy blogging.

More benefits

You can further save drafts on the live writer. In case your blog has been hacked ever, you will surely know the importance of having backup of the blog posts. So, with the WLW, there are some plugins which provide backup to the database.

Last but not least, there are several small but effective and beneficial functions like the spell check. Also, there is save option that saves the post as you are working on it. Thus, with a lot of benefits and features, Windows Live Writer is a great program for the bloggers.

About Author:- This is Guest post by Ankit Pandey, who runs Link Building Firm SeoEaze , which provides Complete SEO Services & he also provide Article Writing Service to his clients worldwide.

Top 10 Essential Factors In Using PPC

1.Highly affordable:

As compared to other forms of trying to advertise especially new websites in making them attain higher ranking on search engines .PPC search engine advertising is essentially the most affordable form of advertising web pages .It is able to be an effective marketing tool due to its ability to create new leads which are highly beneficial to users searching certain things in the internet

2.Improved traffic with PPC :

Pay per click is widely known to increase the amount of qualified traffic to particular website employing its services; you will certainly find the right type of traffic if you are selling products in the net .This essentially filters away those people of who are not completely interested or sure on what they want to buy.

3.Managing of finances:

For any business to be successful you will certainly need to employ the services of  adverts which usually comes at a cost thus you will need to allocate some funds for the purpose  of PPC advertising .Thereby managing your funds effectively will ensure that you get the true value of your money back.

4.Reliable tracking system:

You will need to carefully study the amount of traffic to your sites so that you ascertain if your clients are truly getting satisfied with what you are offering .You can be able to feed off any online competition by using relevant information to your products and services.

5.Reliable PPC Management Company:

Always go for a dependable PPC company so as to be able to get the results that you are looking with your business venture, a dependable company will always is there for you to provide quality services.

6.First page exposure in top 3 search engines:

Exposure in the first page  of as many search engines ought to be the top most priority of any web pages this is because many people are known not to go  beyond the first page of any search engine thus being available in the first page puts any one  at the top of any internet selling.

7.Immediate and consistent traffic:

The PPC that one goes with from any company should be able to provide immediate and consistent amount of traffic to your the sites on daily basis, this is essentially important for any online businesses as there would be improved in the amount of sales.

8.Reach or the rate of accessibility:

The paid per click advert should essentially be able to reach many people as possible this is usually facilitated by very good search engines which are known to put some adverts in very popular web page such as the new York times .


The paid per click advert should have high levels of relevance such that when people click on them they are certainly able to get the right type of information that they were looking for  without having to navigate through many unnecessary pages.


Branding ought to be one of the most beneficial features of the pay per click advert so as to make it more attractive to any prospective clients.      

Author: Rajkumar Jonnala is content writer and SEM Consultant at serverracks.com.au which provides a great solutions on cable floor cover and cable cover.

Addiction to Technology – Pros and Cons

Almost everyone is very tied in to technology today.  There are many pros and cons for spending so much time on the computer and high tech phone.  But when an individual is addicted to technology and feels compelled to spend hours a day or they feel like they can’t live without it the cons begin to outweigh the pros more strongly.

Here are some of the pros for using advanced technology:

  • Technology has made it easier to gain a wider knowledge base.
  • Technology has created a new community where people can share their ideas, promote their inventions, and test their designs.
  • New inventions in technology in medicine have extended human life span.
  • Technology has let simulations test inventions and designs before having to make costly prototypes.
  • Technology lets people have equal opportunities.  Because you can’t see how someone looks when they submit something over the internet, to some extent it circumvents prejudice.
  • The internet lets people have opportunities across wider distances.
  • Technology lets addiction geeks improve their motor skills.

Some people argue it is those who use technology 24/7 who make the breakthroughs.  When we’ve gained so much from technology, what’s a little addictive behavior?

What are some of the disadvantages?  Some of the most obvious cons are:

  • Technology can be a huge distraction from what is important like family, friends, work, school, exercising, and the real world where sunlight shines.
  • Technology, especially when it becomes addictive, may lead to other sedentary compulsive behaviors like compulsive overeating, watching pornography online, excessive monitoring and posting on social media sites, and excessive playing of online video games.
  • Many studies show that using too much technology leads to a shorter attention span.  We expect our search results to come up in less than two seconds or we get aggravated and then pretty soon we expect everything to be super fast.
  • Always emailing, Facebooking, texting, and e-learning without actually going to classes promotes a lack of face to face contact which has been known to cause depression.

Using technology is a fact of life in this day and age.  The question is how do you know if you are addicted?  What amount of usage is too much?  When should you cut back?  When do you cross over the line from a productive user to an addicted user? These questions are all subjective.

Most people feel the pros outweigh the cons because technology allows people to grow by sharing new ideas, and as technology evolves people are inventing and designing new and interesting gadgets and methods to keep up.

As a guideline, the cons outweigh the pros if:

  • You are not getting out to a face to face social event at least once a week.
  • You are not getting out of the house other for activities other than work.
  • You are spending most of your free time sitting.
  • You spend nine hours or more in front of the computer.
  • You spend four hours or more in front of the TV.
  • No one can decide the answer the personal question of technology pros versus cons for you except you.  But a healthy social life, volunteering, and daily exercise are three of the most important factors in happiness and longevity so experts encourage using technology wisely.

Author Bio: Joel is the Marketing lead at Idea design studio. Idea Design Studio is a product development firm that specializes in top-of-the-line design work for inventors. If you have any question on how to get invention help  just contact Idea Design Studio.

Keyword Research v/s Market Research [Comparision]

Having online business is a relatively new trend and you cannot expect your clients to be experts at it. There are some concepts hard to grasp for the business people that might have a huge business offline, but are new to the online world. One of these concepts is research. Many clients argue that since they have already got the market research done, they need no keyword research. However, if we go into the depth of it, there are hardly any similarities between the two. Below are some of the differences between market research and keyword research.

The difference by definition :
The name clearly indicates that market research is related to the market in which the product or service will be launched. During this research different type of data is collected about the competitors and is analyzed systematically. The management then uses these reports to take strategic decisions. Thought there are other methods too, if it is an online business, most market research is also done on the Internet.

Keyword research is restricted to the terms used by people to search information related to the business. Here we also keep an eye on the keywords that the competitor is working on and analyze the competition on every keyword. Then a list of keywords is computed on which the business needs to work. Keyword research can be a part of market research, but market research is definitely a wider term.

The difference in tools :
Since both keyword research and market research have different goals, the tools used to conduct these are also different. For market research many techniques are used to collect data like online surveys, questionnaires, emails and interviews etc. After the data is collected there are tools used to analyze that data and create reports. There is a full course in management studies dedicated to market research so it is definitely a complex exercise.

Keyword research is relatively newer practice because it did not exist before the Internet and the search engines. There are many tools used for keyword research and the most popular ones are Google keyword tool, Adsense and WordTracker. Excel sheets are used later on to organize the data and select the best keywords to work on. No complex software is used for the analysis. It is majorly a mind game and a combination of experience and intuition.

The difference in data sources :
Though both types of researches gather data from the Internet, there is a difference in the sources. Market research can gather its data from all possible sources available. For market research, a sample size is set before the research begins. Larger sample set can be used if greater efficiency is required. However, the data source for keyword research is collected from search engines only. Google is the most popular search engine followed by Bing. So there is dependency on the search engines and there is not much opportunity to cross check or improve the efficiency of the data collected.
There are some similarities between the two types of researches. They are not mutually exclusive, but they cannot be replaced with each other either. If you have done keyword research, it does not mean market research is not required and vice-versa.

About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She is always on a look out for latest gadgets and recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. She is a gaming freak as well and is now hunting for a cool computer gaming chair.

Max Payne Released For iOS, Will iPad Be A Serious Contender To Xbox and PS ?

The question posed on the title will be dealt later, first the thing which made us raise the question, Max Payne has been released on the Apple App Store and can be downloaded at a price of $ 2.99. Although game lovers all over the world will be in no need of introduction of Max Payne, still for those who don’t know, Max Payne is a video game series developed by Remedy Entertainment and recently, Rockstar Vancouver. The series is named after its protagonist, Max Payne, a New York City police officer turned a vigilante. As of 2011, the Max Payne franchise has sold over 7.5 million copies. The game also won a BAFTA Award and a movie adaptation of the game has also been made starring Mark Wahlberg.
The game released on the App store is being called Max Payne Mobile, and as of now is compatible on the following devices.
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPod touch (3rd generation)
  • iPod touch (4th generation)
  • All versions of the iPad
An android version is also waiting in the wings for release, and will be out on April 26th. Now the big Question, is iPad ready to jostle with Xbox 360 and PS3 to be the king of gaming console ? Max Payne Mobile will feature HD graphics, High Resolution textures, User customisable controls and a special Retina supported resolution for the iPad 3, and along with Max Payne certain other high Profile games like Infinity Blade, EA’s Burnout Crash,Mirrors Edge,Rainbow Six:Shadow Vanguard, Chaos Rings II and Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. etc. are availaible so does that mean iPad is now a viable competitor to other gaming consoles. Well Tim Cook thinks so , as he stated at the launch of iPad 3 “We asked iPad users who also had a portable gaming device, and even a gaming console, their favorite device for playing games. Their response? iPad. In fact, for so many activities, they responded iPad. This is incredible when you remember that this device has been on the market for less than two years,”.
When it is providing a high quality gaming experience, and has so many famed games to offer, also a better resolution than many of the existing consoles, then why not consider it as a worthy competitor. Also a major plus point that the iPad 3 has over others is that while Xbox and PS3 are age old, the iPad posess the latest technology and hardware.
But the limited screen size is obviously it’s biggest drawback, along with no controller to opreate but  motion sensing and touch, does iPad holds enough to feed the appetites of Game Lovers over the world?.
About Author: Puneet Tyagi is a blogger who bogs about technology,internet and many other things related to tech.