Download Windows VISTA Recovery Disc (32-bit & 64-bit Available)

Recently We blogged about Windows Seven Recovery Disc and today let’s see about Windows VISTA Recovery Disc.

Windows VISTA Recovery Disc is very essential tool disc which should be always ready with us at any time. Whenever something went wrong, you’ll try to restore your system back at recent working & installation. System Restore also occupies some space on hard drive.but, Windows Vista Recovery Disc need not anything about system space.

Why Windows VISTA Recovery Disc ?

When some system files were corrupted or damaged, you could not able to log in, at that time you can repair the windows system files by passing Recovery Disc.

What Will Windows VISTA Recovery Disc Do ?

It’s just reinstate the corrupted/damaged System Windows files.

Instructions to follow :

  1. Download the appropriate .torrent file from above that corresponds to the version of Windows Vista you have installed.
  2. Download and run µTorrent.
  3. Open the .torrent file you downloaded with µTorrent. (File -> Add Torrent)
  4. Select where you want µTorrent to save the Vista Recovery Disc.
  5. Wait for it to download.
  6. Burn the .iso file that µTorrent downloaded to a CD
  7. When you want to use the recovery center, put the CD in your drive and boot from it. This is usually done by pressing F8 at startup, or changing the boot drive order in the BIOS.

Download Links :

Windows Vista 32-Bit (x86) Recovery Disc Torrent

Windows Vista 64-Bit (x64) Recovery Disc Torrent

NB : This is not hosted files & these files are hosted by Thanks to NeoSmart Technologies.

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