Tamil Nadu Government Started Distributing FREE Lenovo Laptops To Students [Specs & Price Inside]

Tamil Nadu Government started distributed free lenovo laptops for junior/engineering colleges and diploma holders. As a student entrepreneur from Tamil Nadu, I got distributed my free laptop and i really find the scheme useful. This would indeed make the students grow in good way but i am not sure that these students would make it beneficiary for the investor (i.e Tamil Nadu), I promise myself to make it beneficiary in favor of Tamil Nadu.

Objective of the scheme :

Tamil Nadu government finally decided and implemented the scheme to give the start up to new students by distributing them a good source of technology (i.e Laptop cum Notebook PC) The main theme of this scheme “Every student must be aware of technology“,I swear, this scheme would make the state #1 in literacy level within the country.

Implementation of the scheme :

In total, TN government ordered 9Lakh units of laptop to Lenovo with the price quote of “Rs.13,939/unit”,This scheme were started implementing in many areas as possible of now and it’s still to be continued to make the objective of the scheme successful.

Bunch of knowledge :

Mostly, we don’t get quality equipments/components from Tamil Nadu Government as they promised, but here, we didn’t expect the bunch of quality they provided. They provided us a enough quality of computer (for student level) and together with, they also distributed 70GB of basic knowledge of engineering, languages, physics, chemistry and much more with the tons of videos.

Specification of laptop :

  1. Intel Dual Core Processor
  2. 2 GB RAM (Memory)
  3. 320 GB Hard Disk Drive (Storage)
  4. 14″ LED Display
  5. 6 Cell Battery
  6. Genuine Windows 7 / Linux [Dual Boot]
  7. Genuine Microsoft Office and Innovation Suite for Students

The price would be approximately Rs.15,000

How  to integrate Wi-Fi / Web-Cam / DVD Writer and other stuffs ?

Before blaming for non-providing those expensive stuffs, at least lets do praise them for helping our knowledge and skills grow. Let me show you how to add those stuffs in your Tamil Nadu free lenovo laptop. It’s easy but quite expensive. Use the following links to get the desired stuff.

  • You can buy Wi-Fi USB Dongle here
  • You can buy Portable DVD writer here
  • You can buy remote web camera here

Click here to download FREE laptop drivers and software


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