3 year old DD holding wee ALL DAY, wont use potty/toilet. Goes in pull up at bed | Netmums - 3 year old who holds pee all day

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3 year old holding on all day. was then holding on most of the day as well, until she either wee'd on the floor or I gave in and put a nappy on). ec-tech.info › questions › what-can-i-do-abouty.

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By Maubei - 13:28
First off, try to avoid forcing things as much as possible. If worst comes to worst, go back to diapers/pullups; we did this at one point, and.
By Daim - 04:24
Ec-tech.info › /07/24 › potty-training-the-sensitive-child.
By Vudoshicage - 00:13
When I was 16, I spent a summer working in the 2-year-old room at a daycare center. The challenge has been that she doesn't use the potty very often. Kid holds pee in, and bladder walls thicken until it gets smaller and loses proper . My daughter finally wanted to use the potty regularly by 3 years old.
By Maugul - 14:17
Q: My three-year-old son pees in the potty, but not just once: He goes Q: My 3½​-year-old son has been peeing in the potty since he was just over two. Becoming constipated even once is often all it takes to turn a kid off the.

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